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Lead & Copper!!!!!!.....

Hello valued customers, and fellow utility members. In the coming months, due to new regulations brought on by the federal EPA, and IDEM at the state level, South Harrison Water Corp. is going to have to complete an inventory that list the material type, and size of all service lines that extend from our mains into your homes and establishments. SHWC has pretty good records of the service materials used on our side of the water meters. However, since between the house and the meter has always been the responsibility of the home owners, our records do not contain any data on a lot of those materials.

This is where we need your help! We need you to fill out the form below letting us know what the material type is on your line between the meter and the home. If you choose to not fill out the form, or can't recall the material type of service line, the EPA and IDEM are going to make us come spot dig, and visually verify exactly what material it is. This is going to be horrible for customer relations, and so costly to SHWC. We hope to get as many customer verifications as possible to help us keep our already rising cost down to a minimum, and avoid us having to be in your yard. Please send us any information you can, even if it is on a previous house that you owned on our system.

To help us tackle this job, the South Harrison Water Corperation has received some grant money, and signed a contract with "120 Water" to assist us with this huge undertaking. In the coming weeks you may receive correspondence from SHWC Employees, or from 120 Water. 120 Water will mainly be helping us on some of the clerical logistics of this vast operation. They may send out a questionaire post card. If they do, please fill it out and return it to them as it will relieve some of the burden off of our SHWC staff. SHWC Employees will also be going door to door on certain days to aide in the customer verification process. Again, it is not our wish to have to dig in any customers yard, and we are going to try every means possible not to, but our hands are ultimately tied as this is federal law.

Please Download and fill out the form below. It can be returned with your next bill. You can also email it to or . At the very least, please call our office and let us know your address and material type. Thank you so much for your help and cooperation!!!

Lead Verification Form .....

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Lead Verification Form.