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Reports & Newsletters Available Online.....

Below are links to our annual Consumer Confidence Reports and also our Annual customer Newsletter.

The US Environmental Protection Agency mandates that each year every public water utility provide a "Consumer Confidence Report" to each of it's customers. The report contains mandatory language dictated by the USEPA and also a listing of regulated contaminates that we are required to test for and the test results. At South Harrison Water, we call our report a Water Quality Report and it is mailed out each year (usually in June) to every address on our billing system. Copies of the report are also available here online or at our office in New Middletown, IN.

CCRs from 2000 through 2007 were done in a four-fold brochure style and mailed separately. Beginning with the 2008 CCR (mailed June 2009), the CCR will be inserted with your water bill. Because of this change, the CCR will now be on letter sized paper.

Current and past CCRs are available for download here in Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have Acrobat, click this link to download a free version. Reports that are available:

2023 CCR.

2022 CCR.

2021 CCR.

2020 CCR.

2019 CCR.

2018 CCR.

2017 CCR.

2016 CCR.

2015 CCR.

2014 CCR.

2013 CCR.

2012 CCR.

2011 CCR.

2010 CCR.

2009 CCR.

2008 CCR.

2007 CCR.

2006 CCR.

2005 CCR.

2004 CCR.

2003 CCR.

2002 CCR.

2001 CCR.

2000 CCR.

Current and past customer newsletters are available here in Adobe Acrobat format. Newsletters have been mailed out as an insert with our water bills in recent years. Because we have some online customers with e-billing, they do not receive the mailing. An online version is available here for you to read or download. Newsletters that are available:

2024 Customer Newsletter

2023 Customer Newsletter.

2021 Customer Newsletter.

2020 Customer Newsletter.

2019 Customer Newsletter.

2018 Customer Newsletter.

2017 Customer Newsletter.

2016 Customer Newsletter.

2015 Customer Newsletter.

2014 Customer Newsletter.

2013 Customer Newsletter.

2012 Customer Newsletter.

2011 Customer Newsletter.

2010 Customer Newsletter.

2009 Customer Newsletter.

2008 Customer Newsletter.