South Harrison Water Corp.

Membership Costs for South Harrison Water .....

There is a non-refundable $110.00 membership fee to join South Harrison Water Corporation. This membership is transferrable, but is not refundable. This membership fee entitles you to several member rights, including the right to run for a board of director position, and to annually vote to elect the board members.

How we handle memberships has not changed since the beginning of the water company. The original bylaws stated what rights a member had. The current bylaws state the same rights. Our bylaws state that a membership expires upon a members death. A membership may not be transferred to another person after the death of a member. If you have questions about membership in the corporation, follow the link to read our bylaws on the opening home page of this web site. The complete bylaws are shown for your reference. You may also call our office and speak to one of our customer service personnel.

We field many questions regarding memberships. Be advised that more than one person may be listed on a membership, but only one will have voting rights at our annual meeting. Many elderly people have added a child or grandchild to their membership.

To transfer a membership, or to add names to a membership, a form must be filled out and returned to our office. The board of directors vote each month to accept the membership transfers and it then becomes part of our permanent records. The form is available for download in the "Forms" section of this web site. Contact our office staff for details.