South Harrison Water Corp.

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Ranney Well Construction - 1960's
Ranney Well Construction - 1960's

Ranney Well
Gravel Pack Well
Well Field
Water Treatment Plant
Treatment Plant and Storage Tanks

700GPM Water Softener No.1
Treatment Plant Filters 1-3
700GPM Water Softener No. 2
Treatment Plant Filters 4-6
Three of Five High Service Pumps

350 KW Emergency Generator
Rehoboth 1,000,000 Gallon Tank
Supervisory Control System Overview Screen
Old Goshen Boosters I & II
Laconia 100,000 Gallon Tank

Lake Road Booster Station
Main Office and 500,000 Gallon Tank
Lanesville 100,000 Gallon Tank
Corydon 175,000 Gallon Tank
Corydon 400,000 Gallon Tank

Lanesville Booster Station
South Central Booster Station
Rehoboth Booster Station
South Central 500,000 Gallon Tank
Central 750,000 Gallon Tank

Tree clearing on riverbank - 2006
Trees all cleared on riverbank - 2006
Contractor laying rock on riverbank - 2006
All rock on riverbank - 2006
All rock on riverbank - 2006

Treatment Plant Expansion Project 2005
Tank Painter Hanging - Rehoboth Tank
Tank Painter Inside Bowl of Rehoboth Tank
John 'Spiderman' Clark - Final Inspection
Rehoboth Tank Steel Erection

Rehoboth Tank Steel Erection
Rehoboth Tank Center Footer
Rehoboth Tank Leg Footer Steel
Rehoboth Tank Leg Footer Being Poured
Laying 18 inch Ductile Iron

18 inch Ductile Iron Ready to Lay
36 inch Road Bore by Snyder COnstruction
Semi Loads of 18 inch Pipe
Old Goshen Booster Expansion 2003
Old Goshen Booster Piping

Sand Blasting Office Tank
Priming Office Tank
Seeding & Strawing
Very Tight Spot
Steep Hill by Buck Creek 2003

Central Tank Foundation
Central Tank Foundation Forms
Central Tank Setting First Steel Wall Panel
Central Tank With Wall Panels Going Up
Central Tank on July 12, 2000

Inside Central Tank Under Construction
Central Tank Finished Product
Painter in Boatswains Chair
Corydon II Floor
Painting Corydon Tank

Corydon Tank Roof Rafters
Both Corydon Tanks
Painter Sandblasting Plant Tank
Ranney Well Lateral Cleaning Wye
Ranney Well Lateral Valve

16 Inch Tee for Rehoboth Tank
SC Booster Floor During Construction
SC Tank Center Foundation
Dismantling Tank at Caesars
Erecting SC Tank

Employees, Directors & Contractors:
Valve Being Inserted at Well Field
Service Equipment & Field Staff
Employees Setting Fire Hydrant - 2005
Drawing for Door Prizes at 2004 Annual Meeting
Handing out Annual Meeting Door Prizes - 2004

Mike Woertz Operates a System Valve
Steve Chambers Using Backhoe
Steve Chambers Setting New Water Service
Contractors Checking Out Automatic Valve at Office
Customer Service Representative Deanna Curts

Office Supervisor Laura Miller
Annual Meeting Registration
Contractor - Beard Electric
Contractor - Bastin Logan
Manager Opening Up New Central Tank Valve

SDI's Dan Trabue - GIS Expert
Bird's Eye View - Crew Setting Caesars Meter
Bill & Bruce With SCADA System
Employees With New Maps
Laconia 4 Way Valve Replacement

Joe Gehl - Master Inspector
Laconia 4 Way Valve Replacement
SHWC Dump Truck
Snyder Construction SR 135 Road Bore

Misc & Big Bucks:
Old Goshen Church
Old Goshen Plaque
Unknown Burning Water Tower
Pigging Raw Water Lines
SC Tank From Chariot Run 7th Fairway

Bruce's 10 pt (Gun) - 2004
Sam's First Deer (6 pt / Gun) - 2005
Bruce's 8 pt (Bow) - 2005
BJ's First Deer (10 pt / Gun) - 2005
John Clark's Birthday Buck (11 pt / Bow) - 2005
Sam's 21 1/2 lb 11 inch beard (Gun) - Spring 2005
Bruce's 8pt Buck and Coyote (Muzzleloader) - Thanksgiving Day 2006
John Clarke's South Dakota 10 pt (Bow) - 2006
Sam's First Archery Deer - 122 lb Doe - 2007
BJ's 10 pt Monster Buck (Bow) - 2007
Jacob Beard's First Deer Ever 6 pt Buck (Bow) - 2007
Bruce's 12pt Buck (Bow) - 2007
Sam's Gun Season Double Play (Gun) - 2007
Bruce's 7pt 195 LB 18 1/2 Wide (Bow) - 2008
Adam's 2005 Montana Mulie (Rifle)
Sam's 8 pt Buck (Shotgun) - 2009
Bruce's 8pt Buck (Shotgun) - 2009
Bruce's 8pt Buck (Muzzle Loader) - 2010
Bruce's 2010 Coyote (Bow) - 2010
Jacob Stewart's 2011 Buck (Shotgun) - 2011
BJ's 8pt Buck (Shotgun) - 2011
Adam's 8pt Birthday Buck (Shotgun) - 2011
Bruce's 2011 Fall Gobbler (Shotgun) - 2011
Bruce's 2011 13pt Buck (Bow) - 2011
Bruce's 2012 8pt Buck (Bow) - 2012
Bruce's 2013 8pt Buck (Shotgun) - 2013