South Harrison Water Corp.

Construction Plans and Line Upgrades .....

South Harrison Water will continue to invest in our greatest asset ... the lines providing service to our customers. As our customer base continues to grow, we must expand our water system to meet their needs.

Fire Hydrants - We are doing our best to expand areas covered by fire hydrants. In 1997, South Harrison Water had 9 fire hydrants installed on our entire water system. Today we have 114 fire hydrants in service. As new lines are built, fire hydrants will be installed in those areas. South Harrison Water worked with our local volunteer fire departments to gain funding from the Harrison County Commissioners and Council to install 43 of the new hydrants. The remaining 62 hydrants were funded by South Harrison Water.

Make sure you call your home owners insurance company to ask for a discount if you live within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant.

Planned & Completed Upgrades.

1. Construct a one million gallon emergency interconnection with the Town of Corydon.[Completed]

2. Install four fire hydrants in Franklin Township. [Completed]

3. Maintenance painting of our Laconia Tank on Merk Road. [Completed]

4. Install 12" water main from Watson RD south 19,000 feet to the Norstam Veneer plant. [Completed]

5. Maintenance painting of our Central Tank on Heth-Washington Road. [Completed]

6. Washington Twp water line upgrade / install fire hydrants. [Completed]

7. Maintenance painting of our two treatment plant tanks [Completed]

8. Expand our office and warehouse facilities in New Middletown (warehouse completed in 2019 / office planned for 2022).

9. Upgrade water mains in the Shiloh RD, Green Acres DR, Steam Engine RD and Heidelberg RD areas for fire hydrant installation. (planned for 2022/23).

10. Maintenance painting of our Lanesville Tank on Hess-Jawtak Road (planned for future).

11. Install 12" water main along Lake RD and New Middletown-Elizabeth RD from SR 337 to our office building (planned for future).

12. Install 12" water main along Fogel RD, Shiloh RD, and Old SR 135 from the area near Webster RD to Quarry Line RD (planned for future).

13. Install 12" and 8" water main along New Middletown RD and St. Peters Church RD to Turley RD (planned for future).

Other Construction Plans. The following jobs are also scheduled for construction:

1. Flushing of deadend lines.

2. Several new valves and flushing hydrants will be installed.

3. Hydrant maintenance and painting.

4. Routine maintenance and operation of valves.